Friday, 1 June 2007

Sharks and Whales

Getting into the cage with the sharks around, is truly the most breath-taking experience you will ever live to remember. When feeding actively around the boat, the sharks may occasionally brush their tail against the cage, but NEVER attack the cage. They are very curious though and often come close-up to the cage, taking a closer look at the diver. A personal, eye-to-eye encounter with this awesome animal, is guaranteed to get the adrenaline going!

What to expect:

After chumming (putting out bait) we start shark observation and cage diving. The time for the first shark to appear however cannot be forecasted, and varies from a few minutes to several hours. When a shark is spotted, the crew monitors its behavior. If the shark relaxes, then the cage and divers can be lowered into the water. Shark and weather conditions depending, our aim is to give our guests the best possible viewing experience from both the boat and underwater from the cage.

Whale Watching

We can guarantee Southern right whale sightings between July and December. Anyone who has had the joy of meeting a mighty whale face to face will tell you just how magical it is. Huge, gentle, mysterious, curious. Can you imagine a giant friend, like none other? As captivated by you as you are by him. A whale longer and wider than the boat in which you sit. An old acquaintance to us, a new discovery for you. A whale of 40 tonnes launching clear of the sparkling blue sea. A majestic tail of 5 metres, saluting you against the backdrop of the rugged hills. An old enchanter, who may live to 200 years, who has had spellbinding adventures at sea which will be his secrets forever.

We live by our motto, “Discover and Protect”.

All cruises depart from Kleinbaai harbour near Gansbaai. Dyer Island is located 8 km from shore and is completely protected for the conservation of its many resident bird species, including African penguins. Adjacent to Dyer Island is Geyser Rock, home to a 60,000 strong Cape fur seal colony. These seals are also present all year round. The channel of water between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock is the now world renowned Shark Alley. This channel is part of our trip. On our whale watching and Dyer Island trips we also see: Great white sharks, Bryde’s whales, Humpback whales, Southern giant petrels, Cape gannets and Dolphins.